10 Places In Europe To Visit This Summer

>> Friday, May 29, 2009

Europe is one of the best continent. It is so rich in culture. Each country is so diverse wherein sometimes it's very hard to decide in what places are we going to go. Since it has so many wonderful countries.

Here are some 10 ideas for places to visit this summer in Europe.

1. Vienna is a place will is certain to be popular this summer with Austria and Switzerland hosting the Euro 2008 football tournament. Vienna (or Wien as it is known locally) is the capital of Austria and is certain to be lively and it is a pleasant place in its own right to visit. The city can be lively and has some decent museums and galleries and is small and easy to move around in.

2. Barcelona is always a good city to visit and in the summer, as long as you avoid the hottest month, which is August, Barcelona is a great place to visit and has some excellent sites worth visiting including the Sagrada Familia, the marina and Guell Park. Barcelona is a perfect long weekend destination and in the summer months there is a good possibility of fine weather.

3. Dublin is a lively city even in the middle of winter, with bars and pubs full of people having a good time. As well as excellent pubs, Dublin is not a bad place for shopping, live music and theatre and museums.

4. Venice, Italy is a favourite of many and a visit to St.Mark's Square or along the river in a gondola is a one off experience. If you are interested in churches and architecture this is your city.

5. London is simply excellent for musems, galleries and many other attractions. A visit to the British Museum, the Natural History Museum or the like, will keep you busy for days. There are also many fine restaurants and some decent pubs in the capital.

6. Helsinki in Finland is not everyone's first choice for destination but Helsinki is an interesting city to visit in summer time. Time it well and you can experience the two to three weeks when it barely gets dark at night and when many Finns party around the clock.

7. Cap D'agde in France is a town rather than a city and it is an eye opener literally with tens of thousands of nudists letting themselves get an all over tan in what is the world largest nudist village and resort. You can shop, get a haircut, swim, eat and do much more without wearing a stitch.

8. Paris, France is of course also well worth a visit and the Louvre and the Champs Elysees are two attractions than one immediately thinks of and which are certainly worth seeing.

9. Athens in Greece is a must for fans of architecture and history. Athens is a city rich in history and Athens mixed with a few days on the Greek islands can be a great way to spend a week or two.

10. Lisbon, Portugal is one of the smaller European capital cities and is an interesting city to visit. Lisbon similar to Athens, has some interesting architecture and history. This is mixed with the modern which includes a state of the art shopping mall near fans park.